Do I need a hospital?

Mummy died on 1 December . She was 69 . Since the funeral I have started to feel worse which I didn’t think was possible . I keep asking my husband to take me to a hospital because I cannot bear to be awake and feel this level of pain and despair . Do I have ptsd ? Or I have I just gone crazy ?

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It’s very early days and I believe grief can physically hurt you :frowning: I lost my mother aged 63 and very recently I lost my brother who was aged 49. I don’t think you are going crazy but I do think you are grieving and as such you will be hurting. Do you have people around you to offer support?
Thinking of you - you are not alone I this nightmare

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I’m so sorry for your pain …it is real physical pain and it does pass .in the early days I would not listen to anyone say that it gets easier but it does

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You may find it useful to have a look at a website called What’s Your Grief. It has articles on Grief trauma and on Post Traumatic Growth. I’m not sure to what extent Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is used as a term in these circumstances but, like many things it is not an absolute description of an exact state. I could see a clear correlation between many of the different events that could lead to such a diagnosis although a doctor may have a different term for it. I experienced deep trauma when my wife was diagnosed with a brain tumour. It would be a good idea to discuss this initially with your GP. There are several different therapies which may be effective and you could ask about those.

Hello Epalz. I’m sorry to read what’s been happening to you since your bereavements. I understand in a small way as I would often say if I was awake, then I was in pain. I’d often wonder if should go to Hospital as well, so it’s not unheard of to have experienced such thoughts. Thank goodness you have your Husband to lean on and if you keep having these thoughts please don’t struggle on, seek a sympathetic GP out at your practice to discuss your fears over the possible PTSD aspect. Take care.

Hello Wiltshirelad. I too use WYG, it’s an amazing site.

I firmly believe in a link between bereavement and PTSD and in my opinion I think GP’s should ideally be able to detect a possible future PTSD outcome in patients that present in the early stages with aspects of the loss that they find particularly disturbing or unable to reconcile but sadly they don’t. I’m not saying GP’s should be all-knowing in this area, simply more mindful. As there doesn’t seem to be a protocol in this possibility it’s often a case of luck in seeking out a GP that has a greater degree of empathy and life experience as I managed eventually, in my case. Kindest regards to you.

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Sorry, I meant Yorkshire Lad!, I got you mixed up with another poster from Wiltshire.

Hi Epalz and a warm welcome to our Online Community.

I’m so sorry to read of the recent death of your mum and it’s understandable that you’re feeling such pain right now. I hope that you can take some comfort from others in this community who understand what you’re going through, but if you feel you’d like to talk to someone, we do offer a free online bereavement counselling service via video. If you think you’d like to try this you can find out more and register for an initial assessment appointment here:

take care

I totally understand how you feel … I lost my mom ten years ago and my brother very recently. I don’t think you need a hospital but you do need time and love…