Do you still feel like a child ?

I always been with mum right throughout my life. I got 50 odd years of memories of mum. So there was a good understanding between us. It’s not just losing a parent but it goes a lot deeper then that, you still feel like that child, vulnerable to today’s world. But if things go wrong and they usually do, then there’s no one to turn too. You just can’t turn to anyone because it doesn’t feel right.


That’s it in a nut shell @Keith68
It’s so hard losing thay connection :broken_heart:

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Hi Pixie

Hope you ok today ? for some reason yesterday I had pain lower back it’s eased up a little, but not totally gone away. Not got a clue what caused it, I am carrying a stomach hernia at 55. I developed shingles when my mum passed. Not sure if it is having effect on my health or not ? we all getting old and it’s nothing to relish.

Hiya, I think grief does affect our health, I’m having an ok day and I’m going to try tai chi later, its supposed to be very good for you, both physically and mentally, I’ll let you know how I get on
Take care :heart:

Ok, think I might be run down physically ?

Yes, that is exactly how I feel, have noone to ask for advise now … feeling very lonely

Its part of grief to have aches and pains. I noticed my whole body aches

Yep! I’ve never felt so alone since my mum passed. She was my best friend. I have such wonderful family and friends to help me through this grief, but all I want is a hug from my mum and her to tell me it will all be okay.

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I’m alone with it, I not spoke to anyone really except Eon about recent bill.

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@Ola13 i found that i experienced aching all over too, and recently got my blood tested and found i was vitamin D deficient. I know there can be lots of causes of aches but it might be worth you just checking on NHS site in case you have any other symptoms. Mine only started after i lost my mum so im not sure if the grief can affect vitamin levels? Just wanted to flag as i never realised vit D could have such an effect.

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