Does anyone else find this weird?

I lost my Mum and Dad 3 and 17 years ago respectively. In the year immediately following their deaths I lived on autopilot, dealing with all the practicalities etc that had to be done, then when all that was taken care of, I moved into just not feeling anything and have lived in that state more or less ever since. Recently someone I was very fond of, but only knew in a professional capacity, died. Suddenly I’m distraught, and all these feelings of mourning and loss, disbelief, shock have come to the surface.

I was close to my parents but haven’t been able to cry, feel, or show much emotion at all for them. Yet for this other person who was not related but whom I felt emotionally close to, there has been this tsunami of grief. I’m wondering if unresolved grief for my parents has been triggered by this other loss.

Has anyone else experienced this or can understand what I’m talking about?

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Sounds like this friend dying has triggered off your emotions for your parents. Don’t beat yourself up over it grief is different for everyone. There’s no right or wrong way to get though it. Mine comes in waves one minute I’m ok the next I’m a emotional wreck. Because when your parents died you had everything to sort out you possibly switched off. Now this friend has died you are more detached so you have more time to grieve. Sending hugs x

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I had a similar thought - that sometimes if it’s family it’s a duty to make sure the admin is done and the caretaking is upheld, there are responsibilities which distract from letting go -
A colleague passing carries no responsibility so you can let go and feel the sadness which came with all the sadness and grief

It’s such a complex topic

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