Does anyone live in or around Blackpool

I’m wondering if anyone lives in or around Blackpool, Lytham or St Annes on here. I thought it me be useful to me anyway to meet up for a brew locally in a cafe or something. Not sure if that is allowed on here but I can start a facebook group if not. I lost my husband in January in a traumatic accident at home, one minute there, next minute not. It is shocking.
I have friends but no family and it is good to get out and about and if anyone is local they may find it beneficial to meet with local ladies for a coffee or tea and a chat.


Hi I’m sorry to hear about your husband. I lost my dad in November 2021, and I know my mum would benefit from speaking to someone who understands her. If you have Facebook I can get her to add you :slight_smile:

So sorry to hear about your Dad. Terrible times. I am on facebook. Search Jackie Smith and its a picture of a german shepherd. Cant add the link here. Are near Blackpool

Hi,Im too in Blackpool and lost my husband.Ive sent you a message on Facebook x

Im in Kirkham, so sad at my wife passing, i love her so very much

If you are on facebook Ive started a group called Fylde Lone Wives & Husbands. We post regulwrly. Chat about grief and have met once in Bispham. Have a search for it. The picture is two deckchairs with one empty