Does anything get better?

Im not sure I’m doing this right, I hope I am.
The people who have written on here seem so brave and I really hope it has helped them.
I am writing because I don’t really have anyone to turn to.
When I lost my fiance, best friend really, 18 months ago, I thought I’d lost everything. To some extent I had - we had totally isolated ourselves and it was me, him and our cat.
When I found him stiff, freezing and covered in bruises, literally the worst day of my life. Then police, paramedics and doctors in hazmat suits… I can’t explain. Then my grandma then died at the end of last year and I just feel completely lost. I have very few friends, all of which have their ow lives and problems. Can anyone relate?


I can totally relate. We did everything together and now Ido everything alone. We were together 15 years and the six months since she died feel far longer than the 15 together. Thought I was doing a bit better a couple of weeks ago but just a crying mess yet again. Xx


I can relate about the closeness you shared . Very few people still contact me now . It’s very hard to bear


Thank you for replying, I really thought i was just being silly. I hope you are getting help xx


@MissLEH I am doing ok thanks I have my son at home so not alone . I keep busy to stop the pain . I have gone back to work too x

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