Does medication help?

I lost my husband just over a year ago and things seem to be getting worse, not better.
I have heard that medication can help.
A friend has recommended Setraline.
I know it will never bring my husband back, but I am the sole carer of my elderly Mum and I need something to help me function on a day to day basis…

Any positive advice would be very much appreciated…

Katie, I have personally found it very helpful. Doctor put me on too high a dose to begin with but found what was right for me and it has helped me function much better.

It’s not for everyone. I was not keen to do it, but very glad I have. I used to cry multiple times a day and it was exhausting. I still cry sometimes but it’s not nearly as debilitating as it was and leaves me with energy to do what I know my husband would want me to do and be more like the person he knew and loved.

Hope this is helpful.

I’ve been on sertraline but it gave me a poorly tummy so I’m now on fluoxatine not sure what it’s doing but Doctor thinks I would be worse without it so I’m carrying on taking it for now. She also gave me something called propranolol which calms you when trying to function normally. I must admit I haven’t seen a great difference with that but I’ve taken it before visiting solicitors making decisions and being in situations where I thought I just couldn’t cope. It’s not addictive so my doctor is happy to prescribe. Hope this helps. Lost my husband 18.8.22 a d it’s been the worst time ever.

Thank you so much for replying LoveForever…
I too find myself now crying lots of times in the day, and into the evening… my emotions are always just under the surface, and I feel as though I am going into a depression.
(I dont want to meet up with anyone, which I was doing a few months ago).

I am ringing my GP tomorrow as I cant go on the way I am

I really appreciate your advice

thank you

Thank you so much for replying Jude123.
I have made a note of these medications to ask my GP about them.

Yes, it is the worse time ever isn’t it?
I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to my message.

Thank you


Hi there. I was on setraline for a good while from first lockdown just three months after my husband passed away. Your emotions are so fragile. I can remember such little things feeling so monumental. I burst out crying because I went to make a cup of tea and the tea caddy needed filling up. It was like oh no not something else to sort. Setraline helped take the edge of that rubbish…If you give medication a try it can take a little while for it to have effect and likewise the right strength. Take care

Please be very, very careful before you start on the medication route.
Sertraline has side effects including insomnia and increased risk of suicidal thoughts. It works for many but just be aware of the risks. Try to avoid a cocktail of meds. Speak to your GP about it.
Concerned, Ian

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I was struggling with anxiety and when I finally went to the doctors he suggested sertraline. My daughter takes it so I knew about it but I was reluctant at first but when he explained that it’ll be a help for my anxiety to enable me to get out I agreed to take it. I’ve been lucky as I’ve had no side effects, a bit sleep disturbance at first but been sleeping well for a good while now. I’ve been on it 6 months now which he said is the minimum time you should take it and going to give it another few months before trying to come off them.
Obviously it won’t suit everyone but for me I feel it’s saved me from going into depression which looking back I know that’s where I was heading.
Take care xx

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Many thanks for your response Strictlyp…
I completely relate to your feelings about simple tasks like even making a cup of tea.
You feel overwhelmed and things that you didn’t think twice about became huge.
The postman leaving the gate open…
The neighbour not turning the wheelie bin the right way around!
Things that wouldn’t have bothered me atall when my husband was here.

Thank you again for taking the time to reply to my question…

take care too

Many thanks IanL for being concerned about the ‘medication route’.
I have heard that Sertraline can have unwanted side effects.
It is strange, but ever since my Doctor prescribed it, I have had a few ‘better’ days.
Almost as if subconsciously knew that it wasn’t for me.
One thing I have learnt is that grief takes you down some very unexpected paths.

Thank you again for replying to my question and for pointing out the risks etc.
It is very much appreciated.

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Many thanks Barbara61 for replying to my message, and so glad that you have not had any side effects to Setraline.
I am lucky in that my anxiety levels dont stop me from going out etc, but I know what you mean when you said that you felt that you were ‘going into depression’.
It is strange because since my Dr prescribed Setraline, I have had a few ‘better’ days… …I dont quite know what that is about?!
Grief takes you down some very strange paths!

Thank you again for taking the time to reply to my question.
Take care too.

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