Doing my best after 2yrs.

Dear all,
I at last decided on a project to get to grips with a garden that was out of control since losing my Anne to pancreatic cancer two years ago. It’s taken me three days of hard work and I admit much satisfaction. The doctor had doubled my medication for clinical depression, Citalopram, from 20mgs a day to 40mgs a day BUT the end result of my 3 day gardening project for me was just like counselling - effective - but a short lived repreave from my loneliness and sadness for sweet Anne. The love of my life for 50yrs. So back to square one. Simply surviving from day to day. Clutching at straws. And the blessed sleep at night to escape this world I no longer wish to be in.


It sounds as though you now have a garden to be proud of. I know it is only a temporary reprieve from how you feel but that is something. And the thing with a garden is it needs continued work so it can give you more relief in the coming weeks and months. It’s something that I am doing bit by bit.

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Well done mate, so proud of you buddy.
I also went and done some gardening, over the wk end, maybe nothing to be too proud of but,…it’s a start, much the same bro,
It’s one… small… step for man…
Yeah you know it

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And pm me any time bro…
I am here,
For you and me both
Foggy aka Sparky

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Hi James71 Your sweet Anne will be looking down and saying "look what my man has achieved "and be very proud of you. Go and buy a bush or a small tree or fountain (solar) and every time you see it you will feel some peace. If you live close to me s Yorkshire I have plenty of gardening work for you. 3 days is dedication you will be fine just take your time big hug xx​:hibiscus::evergreen_tree::medal_military:

Hi @James71
Sometimes we feel like we are taking a few steps forwards and 20 backwards. Two years is still early on in this difficult process. I am sure your lovely wife would be so proud of you.
I was on Citalopram and managed to wean myself off it, but whatever helps you is good.

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