Don’t know what to do with myself

I lost my Dad suddenly on the 11 December and I’m really struggling. Thought I was coping well and went back to work this week but couldn’t do it. I cried solidly for two days. I work in a hospice which makes things harder as I can’t eacape death.
I miss my Dad so much. I lost my mum nearly seven years ago and threw myself into looking after him so maybe I haven’t grieved for her either?
I’m lost, empty and frightened.

Oh i’m sorry Nik,maybe you need more time before you return,like you say you work in a place where there is already deep emotion,with your own grief on top ,just too much to handle at present.I wouldn’t try to rush how you feel,do it all at your own pace.
I empathise with feeling lost ,empty and frightened,iv’e felt all those ,firstly when i lost my mam and dad all be it many years ago now,and this last year losing husband,it throws them all back at you time and time again.
Many on here understand and will give support,we grieve forever,it’s finding your own understanding of it ,that will help you to cope .Thinking of you xx

Thank you for the kind words Robina (my gran’s name). It’s so raw at the moment. I literally feel like I’m on a rollercoaster. Im an orphan at 49 and it has hit me much harder than I ever thought.
Sorry for your loss too - very difficult when you’ve been together so long xx

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