Don’t see a future

Lost my father last October, we lived together, I am totally lost and can’t see the point in getting up most days, I don’t have any close relatives or friends and I am feeling I’d be better of dead myself as life is miserable


Hi Omega,

Sorry to hear of how much you struggling without your Dad, im also sorry to hear of your loss. Losing a parent is like losing a part of ourself, and if we live with them, it takes a lot longer to adjust.
Are you able to set small goals to help you get through the days? Sometimes my goals were just to get up and face the day, or to go for a look around the supermarket or a go for a cuppa somewhere. Anything really that broke the silence in the house. I am sorry not to be of more help

Take care, my thoughts are with you.

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Hi, sorry for the pain your loss is causing you at the moment. If you can start to build a simple routine to get you through these difficult days, it might help. In grief it’s important to look after yourself as your mind and body are under stress. Try to get outside in nature if possible as this can be very grounding and offer a break from the physical confines of your grief. Perhaps consider contacting your doctor if you’re really struggling. Keep reaching out in some form. You aren’t alone, there are so many of us trying hard to manage our grief. Best wishes xx

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Hi Omega,

I’m sorry for your loss.

I lost my Dad last November, he is my very best friend and I miss him so much.

I used to see my Dad a few times a day and would call him in-between. We always had something to talk about and since he died the silence is deafening. No one asks me about him and I don’t feel like I have an outlet to talk about how much I miss him and how sad I often feel.

It has been 8 months since my Dad died and I still feel completely lost. Life has lost its joy for the most part and I feel like I’m going through the motions, more for other people than myself.

I feel sadness and longing for my Dad everyday but some days I feel like I can almost get some strength back. Other days, like today, I feel like I’m drowning in despair. I can’t stop crying and see little hope or purpose to life anymore. I know this deep sadness will lift at some point and I will return to my baseline of missing Dad and the grief walking alongside me. I try to keep this in mind when I’m having a particular bad day.

I try to do things that I know will help me like getting outside with my dog but everything feels like an uphill struggle compared to life when my Dad was here.

If you ever want to chat there are people here, including myself who will reply.


I lost my mum in May. It has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. I am struggling, but getting a little better, keeping busy. I’ve just finished reading a book from the library “Beyond Goodbye”. It was a fantastic book and really helps you understand everything you are going through. It’s the best grief book I’ve come across so far. I really recommend it. x