Don’t think I can carry on

So about 10pm , just about done n ready to go to bed when the land line rings - only person who calls is Mum and as it’s 10pm it’s not a good sign!

Answer the phone, ‘Dads on the floor in the kitchen he has cut his head ‘ ok I’m on my way!

My son came with me and it took 10 mins to get there. By this time he had thankfully managed to get himself up and sat in his chair. He had a nice graze on the top of his head. This I bathed put antiseptic cream on and covered with a dressing. He seemed ok in himself , was coherent and hadn’t knocked himself out. As a precaution my son is staying with them tonight .

Thankfully all was ok , Mum n Dad shaken but ok, I got in the car and sobbed all the way home :disappointed:

I just wanted Dave, a hug , a kiss, love , reassurance but most of all just him :disappointed::broken_heart::disappointed::broken_heart:

I came here to make a thread today as in a panic, weird restless dreams and thoughts…need to get up as have an appt at 9 but i can’t. These last two weeks I’d made a lot of progress with getting up but today back to the beginning. I’m wretched and I’m sick of it all, trying is too hard now.

I wasn’t going to read anything but then saw your thread with a title I could have made today. Don’t know what to say. thank goodness your son is there, you went and handled a situation you didnt know what to expect and you still did it i hope you were all OK overnight and that today won’t be as hard.

Wish I could give you a big hug. It’s so horrible not having our people… it’s just truly hard.

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Thank you for your reply x

Don’t be too hard on yourself xx. I too have periods where I feel I am coping then bam back to square one , however the coping periods have increased and the bam moments less frequent.
Although I feel the Bam moments won’t ever go away , we just learn to accept them for what they are :disappointed:

I feel because I’m caring for Mum n Dad , I’ve really not grieved properly and I’m scared that when I do everything (me) will fall apart!

Dad seems ok this morning a little stiff but ok , just keeping an eye on him xx

He got upset last night and said to my son don’t let them send me to hospital. If they take me there I’ll never come home! :disappointed::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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Sorry to hear hope your dad is ok. And it’s ok for you to sob your heart out have many of those days. Take care x

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Bam moments is a good term for it… how it still surprises us even when you know to “expect the unexpected” (as René used to love to say!). I’m glad they are reducing at least so there is hope.

Yes I think you are right, you have always been so busy caring for others that you have to keep patching yourself up enough to continue the care you really want to give them… i don’t know what the answer is or if there even is one… you have been doing this so long now by yourself and it can’t be good. At some point I think you will need a break but you need someone you can rely on else i know you won’t rest easy if your parents are not being cared for properly…

Glad your Dad is doing OK this morning, that is so upsetting what he said about hospital.

No one would be managing any better than you in this position MrsT1, it is an impossible situation. I read something in a “book of facts” the other day that I was reading on my kindle to try and get to sleep. It said that “crying is actually very healthy for you. It helps emotionally, lubricates your eyes, removes toxins and irritants and reduces stress”!! Jesus imagine how bloody healthy we must all be!!


That made me smile xxxx :slight_smile:

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