Don't know how to cope

How do you let your self fully grieve? Everytime a tear comes to my eye aa push my emotions to the side and distract my self with something else so I don’t think or get emotional. It’s my first instinct to just push things down.

Don’t bottle it up you need to grieve. When you feel tears let them out I don’t stop myself from crying I lost my husband 3 months ago. I remember telling my friend I can’t stop she herself had lost her husband 2 years ago and stated she didn’t cry for months then it hit her so hard became really unwell bottling all in. We all grieve differently and have our own ways of coping but remember all the memories of your mom and take care xx

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Thank you Kim. Loss is a hard thing for us all to deal with. I never thought it would be this hard to deal with . Sorry for your loss :pensive: lots of love to you xx

My kids are 26 and 24 there not coping especially my daughter whom I really worry about xx Take care

I have only just discovered that grieving is a long and difficult process. It’s only 7 weeks since my wife suddenly died of a massive brain bleed and I feel worse now than I did in the first few weeks. I have been looking for a quick fix for this pain but many people on here are months and years into their grieving which tells me that I have to be more patient.
Kim5 is right when she says don’t bottle up the grief, let it go, otherwise you may harm your health. Read some other posts, in particular Losing A Parent for additional help.
Try to stay strong x

That’s really hard AL2020 , my mum died suddenly of a heart attack, she was a health woman . It’s a shock for me and my family. I’m 23 and I spent the first 6 months thinking she will come home soon she’s just on holiday. But now I realize I need to deal with this. I’ve been in a bad way mentally and lashed out in anger with family band friends . Lots of love to all xx

Hi Ecarin, I feel your pain. My wife was also a health woman. She was fit and healthy and I thought she had another 10-20 years and I would go years before her. Like you, I keep thinking she will come home but knowing she won’t is something I am going to have to deal with. You are beginning to realise that your Mum will not come home and you must try and sort out your mental state by getting help from some professional source. Sue Ryder can offer some help and this site is a good place to come to. The most important person to help you is yourself, which is easy to say, but not so easy to do. You are a young lady with your future in front of you and your Mum will be with you in that future life. Go forward bravely, please!

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Everyone deal with grief differently. There is no right or wrong way. My wife passed away just over 3 weeks ago aged 53 suddenly (miss diagnosis). I am constantly falling apart. Finding it heard to do and think normally. I keep forgetting things. Her mum who is 87 shows no emotion which personally I find hard. Just go with your body. Don’t stop yourself from grieving.

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I’m really sorry to hear this Jay+Allison sending my love to you xx

Thank you. Like most having a really difficult time coming to terms with it. How something so deadly was diagnosed as something so normal. Robbed

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