Don't know how to talk about grief

My dad passed away very suddenly last year. I feel like I have ‘packed away’ alot of my feelings. Every so often I feel everything building up and getting too much. But I just dont know how to talk about it. I don’t know how to open up to my husband about how I feel, I don’t talk about my dad. I just don’t know what to say so avoid saying anything!

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Hi Poppy, i am going through the exact same thing. I lost my father on New years day, I have suppressed all my feelings regarfing his passing. I dont know how to get it out at all, whenever I do its dramatic and not healthy for me nor my partner.


Sorry for your loss @_Poppy and @Dwoodhouse I know exactly what you mean about not being able to talk about your grief. Now 6 months since my mum passed. I also often don’t even know how to describe or even start to talk about my feelings and I end up keeping it to myself.

However you have made a good start in coming here. I have been here a couple of weeks and just reading and replying to people and sharing in our collective grief has helped to start myself talking about things and opening up a bit. There is no judgement here. You are not alone and this community is full of caring people feeling just like you.

I started writing a journal, just ramblings of feelings with the idea to get it out of my head.

Your partners will understand that the grief and feelings you have are so difficult to talk about and express. All the best.


Hi, I have gathered a lot of comfort just by checking in with this forum fairly regularly. Reading the posts helps to ease the sense of isolation that grief brings. The awkwardness of raising it in conversation is not here. Sharing experiences and feelings is so helpful I’ve found. We all have the common ground of grief but how everyone manages is entirely their own response. I hope you also will find it useful. Other than that, perhaps opening up a conversation by talking about your decision to look on here might help you navigate a real life discussion… Best wishes xx

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