Don't know what I want to say

I lost my Mum several days ago. She had Alzheimer’s. I just feel a strong need to get my thoughts out but somehow, I can’t.

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Hello Tina,

Sorry to hear about your mother, it sounds like it’s very early days for you and possibly you aren’t able to say what you want as you’re still trying to understand what’s happening.

Have you tried writing it down, try not to put any pressure on yourself about getting your thoughts out as they’ll come when they’re ready to I’d imagine.
You’ve had a big shock to your system and it’s a lot to take in at one time.

I’m sorry you’re feeling this right now but take your time with it all and look after yourself as it is a difficult path to walk down.

Take care and keep posting, people on here are really thoughtful and helpful at this sad time.

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Thankyou Craig for replying. I think I need to break things down and I’m struggling with it. It’s to do with the what ifs / if onlys and should haves. It’s to do with the horrific hospital environment and lack of basic compassion. So much so that timid me actually snapped at a nurse and asked her how she would feel in this situation. It was a shocking environment. Then there’s the guilt that Mum had (we all did) decided she’d want to stay at home. Then she got sick very quick and the Dr said going to hospital was the *right thing to do". So I encouraged her to go. She feared not coming back and she was right. How does one come round from that. Sorry for letting everything out here. Thanks again for replying.

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Hello Tina, thank you for replying, i hope it’s helped you along your way.
You will be struggling right now to make any sense of this and I think that’s normal, don’t kick yourself for it.
You say you need to break things down, do that then if it’s easier for you.
You followed your doctors advice Tina as most would, you can only deal with the here and now as that is gone.
It is a difficult enough time for you withiut beating yourself up, go easy on yourself, take care.

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Hello, firstly so sorry for your loss, hard to except, one of the things that helped me, was to except that maybe our loved one , is in a better place , no more pain , no more suffering. I feel at times a bit selfish, wanting Shell back, I would not wish her to go through the suffering of ill health, she suffered , for far too many years. I am lost without her, even more at this time of year, but quality of life, is more important than a life of struggling. I wish you peace,
Take care.

Thanks again and sorry about your loss, I have just read a post you made on a different thread. Kind wishes

Thankyou Pete. I’m sorry to read about Shell. I lost my Husband to Heart Failure several years ago so I can empathize somewhat. Its a long and lonely road. Thankyou for your comments, they are appreciated. Sometimes you just have to get things out and I’m appreciative of your reply.