Dont know what to do

my son is moving house at the end of the month with his partner…I offered to help with the move along with some friends of his and her mum and dad. The drive to him is a long one to do on my own which ive never done and now ive found out that the rest of her family is going to be there for the whole weekend all with partners…i will be the only one there without, its making me feel anxious and i will be more alone…and I’m not sure if i can hold it together . He says he really wants me there ,now I want to say that i cant go, dont know what to do.


Hi @Bunny2
Just tell him the truth.
Hopefully he will understand.
Explain to him exactly how you feel but that you would like to go and visit when it won’t be so overwhelming for you

Sending hugs x

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Hello, I think even with my husband we would have felt overwhelmed with so many people we didn’t know but knew eachother, in jokes etc…we would probably have said well,ll go the following weekend to take them.put for lunch to toast the new home as well as help with any gardening needs etc.

I definitely wouldn’t be able to handle it now alone, I think most people would feel the same?

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Hi @Bunny2

If you didn’t feel so anxious would you like to go?

As you probably know anxiety is usually worse on the build up to the situation. Often actually participating is a lot less overwhelming than the thought of it. I hope that makes sense.

It may help you rebuild some self confidence going. You may make even make new friends and enjoy it. If you are driving and find it to different you could always leave early.

Don’t feel pressured, just do what ever feels right for you.


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