dont want to be here at all

If only we knew our loved ones were safe it would not be so bad. I know I should not have selfish thoughts and wish her back with her ill health before the covid disaster. Getting my head round the loss without being with her has broken me. sending love to everyone Lizzles. xx


Hi @lizzles, I am so sorry for your loss. We have to believe our loved ones are safe in a better place where they no longer suffer with pain because if we don’t it will break us all and we are already broken. I am not religious but I do believe my Bill is in a happy place and around me helping me through every day. Sending hugs xxx


Hi Lizzles. I am broken too, 7 weeks since my sweetheart passed. What can we do? I know that constantly wanting him back does me no good but still I do it. I do think our loved ones are safe though. Safe and pain free, and at peace.
I can’t ease your pain but I’m thinking of you Lizzles. This truly is the hardest thing ever, but every day is another day done. Eventually we’ll start to cope and find some peace for ourselves. Love to you too xx


Hi lizzles, If you want reassurance that your loved one is safe and still around you then try the book ‘Why Are We Here’ by Daniel John.
I found it easy to read and very reassuring with lots of examples.
I hope it helps lots of you that just want your loved ones back with you. Sending love.x