Dreading mother's day

My mum died November 2016…the pain of losing her is get slightly easier. .but right now I’m feeling that’s she’s only just left me. I can’t stand listening to work friend chatting about taking their mum’s out on mother’s day…I don’t know how I’m going to get through the day I try and be strong because my partner doesn’t understand why I still cry for her and get upset. So here I am in the bathroom crying where he can’t see me…which is not right my mum was my world she would of done anything for me… love and miss her so much. Strength to us all at this very difficult time

Sending much love to you ,and to all of us missing our beautiful mums today -mine died in January last year ,and the loss is immeasurable.I have her favourite flowers (freesias)beside a favourite photo ,and have just lit a candle -her presence,as ever ,is palpable.I find a quote by the Indian poet,
Rumi, very comforting ‘Goodbyes are for those who love with the eyes ,because for those who love with the heart and soul,there is no separation ‘Thinking of you all,Helen xx


My Mum died on January 14th and then my Lovely husband just 17 days after her. ‘They’ tell me ‘firsts’ are the worst but the pain I felt this morning thinking that I’m not going to see My Mum on Mothering Sunday is just agony. I too have got a candle - lovely lavender which she loved. I have a card for her and will hold a vigil throughout the day as and when I need to speak with her.

Be gentle with yourself

Helen - I love the quote - thanks for sharing.

Thinking of you xx

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Hi Annie,
How incredibly tough for you to lose both treasured people so close together -I am sending huge hugs ,and really thinking of you .Lavender is very soothing -I can smell your candle from here(!) :glad you like the
Rumi quote too .H xx

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