Dreaming of the person you lost

Does anyone else constantly have dreams about the person that has died? I’m constantly dreaming of my Dad in all sorts of ways. I find this very disturbing when I wake up xx

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My mum passed away 3 months ago, I hadn’t dreamed about my Mum until last,then I dreamt about Mum twice during the week,but not again since.
In some way it was comforting to dream about her.

I think our dreams often reflects what we’ve been thinking about during the day, so I guess it’s only natural to dream of your dad. I’ve had quite a few dreams about mum since she passed two months ago. They’re really the dreams we could do without… my day is taken up too much thinking of her without having the night-time ones too. xx

Oh bless you. Sorry to hear you are having those dreams too. Thank you for replying xx

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I also have dreams about my late partner and my dad.

Sometimes, depending on how often and bad they are, it can be a sign of PTSD.

Keep an eye on yourself, maybe write them down to get them out of your head and in to paper.

OK thank you. Sorry you are having problems too xx

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