Dreams after losing mum

Hi, has anyone had dreams constantly after losing someone? Im struggling to sleep at the moment after losing my mum at only 57, but when I do manage to drop off to sleep I’m constantly dreaming about her. The dreams don’t really make much sense and she doesn’t really speak, she’s just there.

When mum died I dreamt of her every night and they were very disturbing dreams. Now they are less vivid less disturbing but she is still in them every single night. Last night I dreamt I had time travelled back to the 80’s. :rofl:. I met the cast from Grangr Hill told them I had come back to see my mum. That she was at home ironing. Very weird I know.

I’m the opposite I hardly dream of Mum. I think my mind is scared to do it. I’ve had one brief dream in nearly 5 months.
The dream I had was telling her which toothbrush to now use, as I of course have thrown the one she was using away.

Really similar to me daffy. Just one dream of mum and I’m apologising that I’ve thrown away her hair tongs because I didn’t think she was coming back. I was so distraught the following day that I think my brain wont allow me to dream of her again x

Every night until recently
My dad passed in his sleep 8 months ago out of nowhere. They mostly do make sense.
The first one: he was in his kitchen cooking, and my mom and i walked in. I saw him, but she didnt notice him. I screamed because he had just died in real life and so how could he be cooking? I wanted to give him a hug, which I did. He turned around and was see through. He took me to his bedroom where we sat on the foot of his bed watching my mom sleep. He wanted her to be with him. I told him that he would need to ask her if she wanted to do that.
And then tons more every night.
Then you wake in the morning and relive the horrifying knowledge that they are no longer around.

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