Hi All. I have talked about dreams before but it might be a good idea to have a rethread on the subject. The interpretation of dreams is a science and not to be taken lightly. Books on dreams, other than those by such eminent people as Carl Jung or Sigmund Freud are useless. Dreams are always personal and individual and relate only to that person. It’s not possible to generalise. Dreams occur when our conscious everyday mind is in abeyance. The unconscious, over which we have no control, then sends messages to the conscious mind. If any communication is possible with our loved ones it will be through the unconscious or when the conscious mind is inactive. This can happen when we are awake, (day dreaming), but only when our minds are quiet. Dreams have a language of their own and they speak in metaphors and symbols. To the layman they may seem like nonsense, but are never that. I speak now of ‘big dreams’, the ones we remember vividly. Some dreams just relate to everyday events. There are pre-cognitive dreams that actually suggest future events. That has been proven beyond doubt. Dreams can be comforting, but some such as nightmares can be disturbing, but are still dreams telling us something.
A dream journal is a good idea, but they should be written down as soon as possible when we wake. They can show progress in our journey through grief. Never say ‘it’s only a dream’ and dismiss it. Important information can come through when we least expect it. A symbol is a representation of something else which may not be related. When going thorough a bad patch, not grief, I dreamt of the American flag flying from a tall building. My counsellor, who was a Jungian, told me that was good. I was entering a ‘new world’ which was true. I changed so much during my time with my old friend. So take dreams seriously. They are saying something about yourself and may also be a means of communication with our loved ones.
Take care all. Blessings. John.

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I dreamt that I was begging my mum to come back - my sister was there and it was like old times - we started bickering. We were outside the home I was bought up in. Mum was no different up how she always was. I miss her so much.

Hi @jonathan123, other than hearing my wife’s voice calling my name a few days ago - which I already mentioned on a different thread - I haven’t had any dreams about my wife. Before I go to bed each night, I sit on the edge of our bed and talk to my wife for a couple of minutes about my deepest thoughts and feelings, and usually ask that she try and visit me somehow, anyhow. Nothing so far though, and I started to think that I was perhaps pushing for this too hard, and that if I backed off and was less intense about it, perhaps it would be more likely to happen. I also wonder if it might be difficult for my wife, in her new and unfamiliar surroundings, wherever that happens to be (Heaven, maybe?), and that perhaps in time she will have adjusted to her surroundings and be more capable of trying to make some sort of contact. Strange how the mind works, isn’t it? I felt my wife and I were so bonded together in this life that there’s no way she wouldn’t be able to come through for me. So I wait patiently, and in hope.
All the very best,

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@Alston56 I think you are right. They must be so disorientated finding themselves alone without us. It worries me actually as my John was always dreaming about losing me in some place or another. He would tell me about the dreams and how it upset him. I told him I would always find him. Now I can’t keep that promise. We were together all the time as well so it’s very hard. Let’s hope they are safe and protected from our deep grief but still feel our love shining through. :butterfly::broken_heart:

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Hi. Johnswife. Yes, dreams can be upsetting if we don’t understand what they are saying. Before my wife died and since, I have recurring dreams of being devoid of any movement. It’s either my bike has been stolen or my car. I go to the police but they are no help. So I begin to walk home, and it’s always a long way off and I never get there.
The content of this dream is obvious. I am being told to move on, but my disbelief stops me. I lose the means of moving on quickly, so take the hard road by walking. The police are an authority, but they are useless so it’s all down to me. I have lost so many bikes and cars it’s unbelievable!!! :grinning: Our love does shine through the darkness and gives some little hope. Love is light. Very very dim at first, but it does get brighter I have found. Very best wishes. John.

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@jonathan123 Thank you for your lovely words once again. I always say when asked if I have a religion “Yes I do - my religion is love”. People who have their god always smile and agree with me because love means something to everyone. This is why I still can’t understand why the loss of the love of my life hasn’t killed me. It is a mystery I will never understand as even before John died I truly believed I would die of a broken heart if he died before me. Oh well another day to get through and its raining and grey. Take care John. You have the best name in the world :butterfly: :broken_heart:

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I lost my Mum in March and up until now I haven’t really dreamed about her. I’ve always been one to dream a lot and often remember them. I have often dreamed about my grandparents, in particular my Nan since they passed. After my Mum died I dreamt about my Nan holding out her hand to comfort me while I was sat next to my Dad, with my Mum in the background lined up with other people. I woke up feeling the love very strongly from my Nan and the dream is very vivid even now, so I really believe she reached out to contact me. Yesterday I had a bad day due to a number of reasons and last night I dreamt about sitting next to my Mum talking to her. I don’t really remember much about what was said but I remember her saying she was 50% happy. I don’t really know what this means and whether it is a good or bad sign and she was trying to communicate or if it was just a dream I had due to so much going on that day, but why would she tell me that? I definitely had a a night of drifting in and out of sleep and wasn’t really settled, but I don’t know what to think. I do believe that people we have lost can communicate in dreams though as it has happened to me a few times.

Hi. MrsRL. An interesting dream. 50% well!!! It is said that when someone passes over they are never 100% sure of what is happening. It seems to take time to adjust. In my research I have found this happens often .
Christ likened Spirit to the wind. ‘No one knows from where it comes or where it goes’. We can’t see it but we never doubt it’s not there.
Yes, exactly, why should she tell you that? Now to me, and the fact that you may not have ever thought that way, makes it more plausible that some communication is being made. People look for proof and disregard the fact that all this is on a different level of understanding. We just can’t use everyday terms about anything psychic. Proof is not in the head but in the heart. Thank you for that… John.

@jonathan123 thank you for your reply. I hope it is the case that some communication is being made. The dream wasn’t quite the same as when I have dreamt of my Nan, but she has been gone many years so if it takes time to adjust then that would make sense. I wonder if she visited previously as my Mum is with her now and she is able to more easily, I do hope so. I like what you said about proof being in the heart rather than the head, that does make a lot of sense. I think sometimes we try to think too much about things and work them out, rather than trusting our instinct. Take care :slightly_smiling_face:

Few nights ago had dreams 1 of being in the rough sea and drwning
I cant swim which is true
I was been draggef under
Someone saved me
Other dream agaiin
Cant quite remmember either walking/looking at the sea again was saved
Says a lot
As this year my life has changed so much
With change berevements job loss

Hi. S47. Interesting!! In dreams the unconscious is often represented as the sea or a big expanse of water with no depth. That is what the unconscious mind is. To find the true treasure we have to have the courage to dive in because the chest of gold lies at the very bottom.
By that I mean never be afraid of dreams and even nightmares. They all have a tale to tell.
‘You can’t swim and are being dragged under’. Helplessness and hopelessness is reflected in the dream at the moment. You have no control. Some unseen force is ‘pulling you down’.
Ah now!!! so someone saved you. Who was that someone? You see, it’s not as straightforward as it seems. Once again you are walking near the sea and are saved again. This is a very hopeful dream. Each time you are saved. To me I have no doubt who that someone is. Do you feel that?
Once again I have to emphasise, we have no control over what we dream, and to try and use worldly explanations is futile because we are in totally different realm. It’s not your dream but A dream. It is totally detached from reality as we know it.
Take care, and thanks for an interesting post. John.

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