This will sound crazy. But last night my wife came to visit me in my dreams. I heard her walk into the bedroom and get into bed. She stroked my arm and we had a cuddle. She said to tell everyone not to be sad as she was ok now and she was getting ready to go to a bar called the Sun in Spain with a work colleague she lost some years ago. She told me to be happy and to move abroad to a villa with a pool .
( It was something she always wanted to do).
I felt a wave of warm emotions even when I woke up.
Is this normal?
thanks and take care


Elmo, from my own experience I would say don’t doubt what happened, just enjoy your dreams. It’s funny reading this on ‘all souls’ day but funny things happen whether our imagination or not, it really doesn’t matter, it’s what makes us feel better.
The only thing I would say is give your self time before thinking of making big decisions like moving. They do say two years and personally two years disappear before you know it.
Sleep well and pleasant dreams. S xxx

Hi Elmo,

That is a lovely experience.

It is normal.

There is a difference between our regular dreams that swirl many thoughts together and the organized nature of a visitation dream.

Ty for sharing.

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Hi. Do you know if the bar your wife mentioned actually exists? If you didn’t know of it but it turns out to be a real place then I would do as your wife asks because she really did visit you. I have had dreams of this kind that have turned to reality
I think it is lovely that you had the pleasure of your wife’s visit in this dream xx

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