Drowning in emotions

I lost my mum 2 months ago and it has just hit me like a brick wall, I have had so much going on and now feel like I’m drowning in a million emotions. Sadness, anger, confusion, guilt, overwhelmed the list could go on. Having read other people’s trauma of losing parents young and in such sad circumstances.l I feel I should be lucky I had my mum so long. she was 88 and doing well until she had a fall at home and was taken to hospital just for a check up. I was away at the time but was told she was fine and would be coming home in a couple of days, I always rang her everyday and did so whilst she was in hospital, I spoke to her 2 hrs before she passed and she was chatty and looking forward to going home the next day, then she went to sleep and didn’t wake up. It was such a shock, again I know I should and do feel glad that she wasn’t in pain or didn’t know anything about it but I still feel angry and absolutely bereft at losing her and unable to function properly. I just cry and want my mum and dad, who passed away 4 yrs ago, I feel so alone despite having a wonderful family


Xxxxxxxxx…how v v hard…no wonder your overwhelmed by grief…here’s a hug …I’m so sorry…xxx

Hello Caroline
I am so sorry for your loss and I feel your pain. You are not alone sending much love .we/I all feel the same we are constantly fighting our emotions and our thoughts. always here to listen and send love :heart: xxx

Thank you for your kind words it helps to know others understand and to know my feelings although seem overwhelming and to know that I’m not going mad. X

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Hello Caroleo
just keep reaching out we are all here for each other sending much love you are not going mad xxx

Hi carole l am so very sorry to hear of your loss …l lost my beloved mum last sep at 80 from heart failure she was my best friend as well as my beloved mam l miss her dreadfully & have gone & still am going through a range of emotions …l am here if you want to chat…

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I am so sorry about your mum. I lost my mum on Dec 30th. Told at A and E it was an infection and they would treat it with antibiotics but within an hour it all changed to me being told it was a blockage in her small intestine and she probably wouldnt last the night She lasted 5 weeks but her passing is so raw. i am beside myself with grief

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