Drowning in grief

I am 10 weeks on from losing my mum and today I feel like I’m going under .my brothers and sisters are in mums house tonite having a drink for mum and I couldn’t even go to the house…I feel so bad but it was making me ill just the thought of going there but the guilt is overwhelming me that I couldn’t even raise a glass for her …I just can’t see a way to be happy in life…I have got a lovely family husband kids and grandkids to keep me going bit still am full of despair

you can still celebrate your mother’s life, but in your way…don’t feel guilty about this. Grief effects us all in different ways…but what you are feeling is normal…take good care

Thanks hope your coping ok too

I am so sorry for your loss, I really am.
I hope you start to see a way through the sadness soon.
I am struggling, still - 10 months down the line. 10 weeks is not long, but it probably feels like an eternity.
Glad you have family to get you through.
With well wishes.

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Hii David,

They say tomorrow’s another day and I’ve found that to be so true. I have had a few bad days this past couple of weeks. Struggling and overwhelmed just like you.

Today I feel stronger. I suppose that is just how it goes. Just keep this in mind and do what you have to do to get through the rough days. Here if you want to chat, take care…