… another sunny weekend folks …love to all :heartpulse:

Feel like I’m treading water
In a turbulent raging sea
I fight against the tide of life
But it’s washing over me

Each day I get more weary
And feel like giving in
Each day I hope to see some land
Within my reach to swim

But all around is endless sea
With no port in the storm
I’m getting very tired
My resilience is worn

I’ve lost my reason to believe
That I can make it through
No motivation to survive
No reason without you

So let the dark sea cover me
And drag me underneath
I have no will to carry on
Please let my body sleep



Hi @UnityMan ,

Thank you so much for sharing this with the community :blue_heart:

Take good care,

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i’m a fellow poem writer, hello :wave: it’s such a cathartic release of feelings and emotions isn’t it, and it’s definitely my therapy

such sad but heartfelt words you write…such a beautiful poem in the best way possible if that makes sense? I’m sure it’s helping so many out there :purple_heart:


Thank you … Again!

You really are so talented.
I keep thinking I’d like to try to write a verse or two…

Big love and hugs in negotiating anther bloody sunny weekend!

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