Dysfunctional family + loss of mum

My mum passed away last October. I was her carer from 2017. I was lucky in that I cared for her at home and was with her to the end. It was tough though. It was a long goodbye. Anticipatory grief that started in 2017. I have 2 older brothers and the eldest has caused a lot of grief, over inheritance. I’m so tired.


Dear Kathy

Welcome to the Community. I am sorry for your loss.

You have a lot going on and with caring for your dad you have not had time to grieve for your mum. This can be emotionally and mentally draining and tire you out.

Are there opportunities that you can have a day or weekend to yourself to re-charge? Can family members help you out?

I do not know the extent of the care you are giving your dad but have you thought about getting Carers in to help out even if it is temporary to help you? Your GP can help you with this.

You do need to look after yourself too. Please continue to reach out and take care.


Hi Pepsi
How do you know if I’m caring for my dad?

Hi @Kathy19

You have mentioned about caring for your dad on your profile. I apologise if this has upset you?


Hi Pepsi,
Not at all- not upset. Just forgot I had mentioned my dad.

Thanks for your lovely kind and caring comment.

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Dear @Kathy19

That is good to hear. You are welcome.

Take care.


Hello Kathy19, I am so sorry for your loss I can relate to your post I was also dealing with an older sister with the same problem. After the death of both my parents 4 months ago she turned really nasty she was not a nice person anyway . She is greedy and has made money from my parent’s passing I completely understand. It is very draining dealing with siblings who just want everything take care look after yourself I am here if you want to talk Kate x

Hi Kate
Thanks for your message.

I’m just exhausted. Can’t stand his silent treatment. It’s hurting us.

Feel free to send a message x