Eight weeks today

It’s eight weeks today that I lost my lovely Lee, can’t think where he has gone, no comfort anywhere really, reality is I’m all alone, we used to joke around and sing ‘all by myself’ if we felt lonely without each other and now I really am, can’t look beyond today, miss you like crazy, together forever, rest in peace until we meet again, love you forever xx


Hi Mab
I understand exactly how you feel. I lost my husband on the 11th of August. I miss him so much. He was only 52 and I’m 48. The thought of possibly living 30 years without him is unbearable. We did everything together. We were true soulmates and best friends. We were so affectionate with each other . I miss the intimacy. I just can’t believe he gone. How are you coping: getting through each day? Xx

Hi Jenw I’m really just going through the motions of forcing myself to get up, I always have a cry first thing because like you I can’t believe he has gone and the fact that our life has gone in it’s entirety, nothing is left, I have two lovely sons and a grandson who have always lit up my life but I feel bereft, there is no light at the end of the tunnel and the joy has gone from my life, we knew Lee only had weeks to live and I knew my life would be over too, I loved our life together and I see memories around me all the time but although it deeply saddens me it also sometimes makes me smile of the fun times we had, the little jokes and I have to believe in our everlasting love for each other to keep going however hard, it sounds like your love for each other was the same, and none of us deserve what life has thrown at us especially stealing dreams of spending time together in later life, I particularly love Tom if tomorrow starts without me on YouTube and enya if I could be where you are, so moving, it helps to read that others feel the same and I’m not going mad, I can’t sleep and I am just grief stricken, just have to get through another day lots of hugs xx

Hi both of you. It helps alot to know I’m not the only one feeling like I am. I lost my husband 11 weeks ago aged 55. As you mentioned I can’t look into the future and feel robbed that we won’t grow old together. We had been together nearly 40 years. Although I have our lovely daughter, family and friends. No-one can take his place. Each day that passes I see it as a day closer to being with him💔