Emotionally & physically drained


I have just joined today as I need to communicate with people who knows what it’s like to lose their lifelong partner. My husband died 18 months ago after a very short illness of cancer. Life appears to be going on for everyone around me and although it seems to everyone else as if I’m moving forward I am not. I feel emotionally and physically drained most days. I’m not one for pity so I won’t go on, just find it difficult to except he’s gone. I know others must feel the same. Anyway hello :wave: everyone!!


Hi…emotionally and physically drained about sums it up…I’m 4 months nearly in and I think the finality is starting to hit me. Lost my wife and soulmate of 50 years in January this year. And the fact I see people now getting on with life is also hitting home harder and harder, despite the great support I’ve had and still get…reality is starting to hurt more and more…sending love :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hi Unityman,

It’s never easy to lose anyone, however, when it’s you lifelong soulmate the emptiness and feeling of being totally lost without them hits you like a ton of bricks. Hope your ok and sending big hugs :hugs:


Emotionally and physically drained does it sum it up perfectly…grieving the loss of our soulmates is totally exhausting.
8 months in , and tired of feeling so exhausted all the time.
Big :hugs::hugs:


I like that ! Hits you like a tin of bricks ! It certainly does … half the time i don’t wanna go on without him tbh … i hate this life without him :frowning: so sad isnt it ? Xx