Is anyone else getting this message each time they post their comments.

It is driving me mad, when I click OK it goes back to my comments (that have been sent and can be seen) but says cancel comment.

Hi Sheila, yes I get it when I am sending a private message & it’s a pain in the :peach:
V x

Thank you,
I don’t know if it is the Sue Ryder site that is the problem or my computer as it just says internal error, but whose internal error.
I will have to take note what kind of message I am replying to, private or normal as it never happens when I am posting myself.


I get the message OK too.

Hi Sheila, I have had it for some weeks now and sure it comes from the SR end as I have no problems with my own e-mails. I asked SR admin about it and they informed me that my messages were getting through. Although one I sent yesterday didn’t arrive. I click on the OK but not sure if this makes any difference. I am a bit concerned about Private Messages. Have to go round the houses with some of them to even be able to read them and when I reply it has bounced back to Admin and not sure why some are fine and others having difficulties.
Pat xxx

yes get this message,but stopped using this facility as you’ve no idea where the messages that dont arrive at there intended destination are going.
if I contact admin I sent an least you know its going get there.