Evening guys

I’m so glad I have finally found somewhere I can talk about my pain and grief I have been lost for two years since losing my mother and just not been able to speak to anyone who understands and I only found this site on accident on Facebook and so glad I have.


Dear Jenna

I’m glad you found us. I hope your time on here will be helpful and make you feel less alone. The grieving process is different for us all and I’m so sorry you lost your Mum. There is no time limit with grief but sharing your feelings and speaking with others who understand is a way to learn to cope.

I’m sure as you go through some of the headings here you will find people who are going through similar to you, and there are some very kind people on here.

We do also offer a free counselling service and you can register by contacting - http://sueryder.org/online-bereavement-counselling

I hope this helps.



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Glad you found us, it helps to talk. I lost my Mam 6 weeks ago, I’m absolutely lost without her, she was so funny and beautiful I was her carer for the last 3years so with her 5 days a week now I’m just lost. The pain is horrendous isn’t it :cry: I now try to give my self a break from grieving by watching a film or walking my dog. Life’s so cruel sometimes isn’t it :pensive:

Good afternoon sweetheart, I’m so sorry to hear this sad news about your mam, the pain of losing your mother is like no other I have felt. It has taken me two years to come around to hear not being here, remember there is no time scale of your grief and don’t rush just take one day at a time and remember to allow yourself to grief and have days where you just want to cry and not speak to people there is no rush I’m here if you need a chat xx

Thankyou for your kind words, same here if u need a chat :heartpulse:

It is incredible hard. I lost my son recently 7 weeks ago and all of me has gone.
I wake up with tears down my cheeks and go to bed constantly shaking all day. Appetite has gone. Just a complete wreck.

Don’t think this will ever end.

@Fiesty1977 I feel for you, the pain we feel is imaginable isn’t it. To lose a child aswell omg my heart breaks for you :broken_heart: try to take one day at a time, It’s hard for me to think of what to say to you, it’s probably the hardest grief I’d have thought our children are our life arnt they.
I listen to podcasts that feature julia samuel talking about grief, she really helps you understand what the hell your going through more
Look after yourself always here for a chat

Jane36, Jenna3010, Feisty1977

I’m so sorry for your losses. X

My mother passed in November, difficult one tonight. It just hits you doesn’t it.

Kieran x

Tears your world completely apart :broken_heart:

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It really does. One day I feel in control next day I’m a mess. Feels like you are suffocating with emotions.

Always around for a chat on here.

It’s ok not to be ok.