Every day its ripped out

I lost my sister in April. From diagnosis to death took just 12 weeks. She was just 50.
I’m putting in a brave face but every single day at some stage out the blueit feels like my heart is, ripped out stamped on popped back in and I’m supposed to carry on.
I can’t realy talk to anyone over how I’m feeling, I feel like I don’t want to put my pain on there’s, especially our parents.
I’m debating councilling the video councilling sue, ryder provide but I’m unsure it might make it worse going over it all… I feel I’d just be wasteing there resources, and I should just get on with life.
Anyone used the service did it help.

Hi Paula,

So sorry about the loss of your sister. What an awful thing to happen to you and your family.

You should never feel guilty about going to couselling and wasting resources because it might not help you. Counselling works very well for some people, and for a few people, it doesn’t benefit them much. For a very small minority, it can sometimes make things worse, but this is rare - the majority of people do find it beneficial, so this is something you should definitely consider. Please remember that you can end the counselling whenever you want to - there is no obligation for you to continue if you find it is making things worse, but in most cases it won’t, because the counsellors are trained, and they let you dictate how you want the counselling sessions to run, they will never pressuruse you to talk about things you do not want to.

Whilst I haven’t used this particular service, others here have, and many people have said it did help them, so there is no harm in contacting Sue Ryder.

I will keep checking for available appointments.
Thankyou for replying

You might want to send a message to @Priscilla or @Audrey, as they will know how you can be added to the waiting list. I hope you’re able to get the help you need soon.

Hi Paula, you can be added to the waiting list for our online counselling service by emailing online.counselling@sueryder.org. You will then be contacted when there are assessments available. There is more information about the service here: www.sueryder.org/counselling

Hello Paula
Sorry about the loss of your Sister. You must feel intense sorrow. I feel your pain.
Many of us consider our Sisters as to be their best friend. Stay strong you will have beautiful memories forever. I loss my brother in April .

I’ve started on anti depressants they take the edge of and help me sleep. I’m fealing a bit better.
So sorry you’ve lost you’re brother.

Hi Paula, I am glad you’re feeling a bit better now. Antidepressants definitely do work for some people, and sleep is important to our wellbeing, so I am glad that you’re able to get some more sleep now.

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