Everyday things

Its the little things that finish me off. I can no longer cook , everything I were to cook reminds me off my loss, I cant shop, buying groceries triggers memories and I weep, trying to have a snack somewhere, cant face our favourite places without the memories knocking me over. I stopped for a quick lunch at a place we hadnt tried before but found myself being so bitter and angry looking at the lucky couples sitting there chatting and smiling. I think its this anger and resentment that frightens me so much. I wasnt this type of person, I was carefree and happy and pleased to see people having a good time. What happened to the person that was me ??


I lost my dear husband seven months ago and there are so many things that I either cannot do, or will not do because it’s too upsetting. I find shopping very traumatic and only shop mostly for fresh foods, especially fruit and vegetables. I order my main shopping online. I used to love cooking for us but now I eat to live. I won’t go anywhere we went together apart the local area where it is unavoidable. I cannot watch tv programmes we watched together or listen to the radio because pieces of music and words in songs trigger my emotions. Radio 4 has been recommended, so I am trying that.
I am only half the person I used to be, my confidence has gone and I don’t have any motivation.
Life is very hard and difficult without our beloved partners.
I miss mine more each day.
Sending hugs x


Ditto. I can’t go to any of our old favorites anymore either. And since we lived in the same area in a city of only about 400,000 people, it’s impossible to go anywhere without stirring up old memories. Everybody says it will get better, so I guess we have to have faith. Take care.


When my partner died, his Mum said to me that after losing her fella she would look at men his age and wonder why they’d lived and he hadn’t, it didn’t feel fair. I know what she means. I look at hapoy couples and wonder why they got to be together and we didn’t - I think it’s probably quite a normal reaction and someone probably looked and me and him together and thought the same thing