Everyone has happily moved on and replaced my Mum.

I lost my Mum almost 6 months ago. Mum was very poorly with lung cancer, but nothing can prepare you for those final days, and the way those final days continue to torture you day and night.

Mum was my best friend, nobody in this world could ever love me the way she did. I feel so lost without her, so alone. I have my family, but there’s a hole in my life, and part of me missing, that nothing can heal or fill.

My dad started dating again a few months after Mum passed. This felt like the biggest insult to my Mum, and the biggest insult to her memory imaginable. No words can express how much this hurt me.

He literally couldn’t wait to replace my Mum.

Almost 6 months on, and he is happy as Larry in his new relationship. After Mum passed I did everything I could to support and look after Dad. Now, he’s dropped me like I’m nothing, and every time we talk, it’s all about this new woman. Even though I’ve told him repeatedly that I don’t want to know, that it’s too soon for me. He simply doesn’t care, his selfishness feels like a dagger to my heart.

I feel like I’ve lost both parents. I feel so alone. This woman has met my great Nephew, Mum was so proud and excited about her great grandson and couldn’t wait to meet him. Sadly she never lived long enough to meet him, now this other woman is taking her place, it breaks my heart. I feel like my sister and her kids are all fine with it, that it’s okay to replace Mum.

I feel like I’m the only one who cares.

Now mum’s ashes are in a home that another woman spends time in. I want my mum here with me, where she is loved.

Sorry for the long message. I just needed to tell someone about all of this.

I miss Mum so much. She was my world, and now I feel so alone and lost, meanwhile it feels like everyone else is happy to replace Mum.


Dear Louise sadly I think this often happens in families, everyone has their own unique relationship with the person, and your relationship with your mum sounds very close and special. I also was very close to my mum and when she died I found I had to retreat into my own thoughts about her, to be quiet and think about her, sort of feel her presence others had very different reactions which hurt, so I had to realise their’s was a different relationship that was the only way I could deal with it my mum died in 2016 and I still feel peaceful and quiet times, take care :hibiscus: