Does anyone else feel constantly exhausted and stumple one day to the next through different emotions? . I am so tired and just wish someone would make it all disappear.

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Hi, I saw you had responded to another post and that is good of you. All your emotions are taking it out of you physically and that’s why you feel exhausted. The only suggestion I have is to try to do everything you can to hold your emotions under a blanket, do things that occupy your mind, it worked to an extent for me but it’s hard and there’s no real good answers because even now, some days it’s still gets me. I wish I could tell you how to make it disappear, they say it’s the price we have to pay for knowing love. Take care of yourself, sending love and blessings. S xxx


Thank you. I always have time to help others as I know what it’s like. I am not very good at keeping things under a blanket. I have to let it out and tell people. But I do try keep busy and upbeat where I can but then experiance big slumps to low. I’m ways battling again myself. No easy answers I know but just hearing from someone in the lonely hours helps. X

The site is always here for you. Keep helping and posting. Sleep well. S xx

Hi ,
I’m the same . Eleven weeks for me and I’m feeling worse not better . Not much sleep last night and how I wish I could fall asleep and when I wake up my old life is back . Take care.
Love Angie xx


The feeling of exhaustion is awful, even though I try to get a few good hours sleep I always feel absolutely drained when I get up, before I lost my mum I was always a get up and go kinda person no matter how many hours sleep I’d had, now I struggle every morning, how can grief sap all your strength so much, it’s so hard :pensive:
Lynn x


I keep telling myself it will get better. but its not happening yet. When I can sleep I want to sleep forever. If I am distracted by something I can forget how tired I am for a while. I don’t know what the answer is, but I try to remind myself that whenever I’ve had tough times before ive come out the other side. x

I wish I could reassure you, but here I am, 14 months after the death of my much loved husband, and I feel as bad as I did on the day he died.
Exhausted? Yes, all the time, but I suppose it is just lack of energy to do anything without him. Nothing means anything. I put on a good face for my wonderful children and grandchildren, but if it were not for them, I would happily end it all.
I can’t raise an iota of enthusiasm for anything at all and I could happily die tomorrow.
I love him still, and always will. He was such a wonderful caring, loving and romantic husband and I adored him. As a bonus, he was very handsome too! Where do I go from here? I can’t see a future without him, he was, and is, my world. Luckily, I am not young, so I might not have many more years without him, but however many there are, they will mean nothing without the only man I have ever loved.
My heart goes out to all who feel as I do.

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Oh I so feel for you. He sounds like a marvelous man and understandibly you miss him terribly
You built many years of a life together so I’m not surprised it still feels awful for you. But he would not want to see you suffer if that is anything to hold on to. I have no answers but I hear your pain and we share your pain for our each of our loved ones. You will love him forever. x

Thank you for your lovely message. I feel guilty as I wrote to you to try to bring you some comfort, and ended up rabbiting on about me! I am so sorry. It is such a sad time for both of us, and everyone else who posts on here. Let’s hope we can get one another through the heartache.
You are right that Tony wouldn’t want me to be sad. He only wanted my happiness, and I only wanted his. Thankfully, we achieved that and had 57 years together that mean the world to me, and I am so grateful. That said, such happiness and contentment make losing him harder.
I wish you all the best.
Hugs, Ann

Yes this is so true I’ve actually had best night sleep in 2 weeks but still exhausted
My body hurts I feel so drained all the time and how one day moves to next I don’t know
Sending love and hugs xx

I tok understand how you feeling as time goes on I feel more exhausted 10 weeks after losing my mum I feel no different from the first day she left us only noticing the tiredness is getting worse I too feel I’ve slept well but wake up feeling totally drained :pensive:

I think that is one of the cruellest things about loss of a loved one - the effect it has on your mind and body. It’s another blow to your equilibrium. Take care of yourself. Hugs, AnnR