Facing a Challange - Returning to the Crematorium for a friends funeral

For all of us the Funeral day is etched in or hearts and for me the place where we gathered to celebrate my wife’s life is pace that represents darkness,numbness and pain. Recently a friend of mine died at 62 from cancer and his service was at the Crem. Not been near since May and honestly a place that filled me with trepidation , so I was torn between my own feelings but also the need to show support to his friends and family, as people had done for me. A real ‘facer’.
I decided to go and it took a real effort . What surprised me was that although I did have sad memories thinking about sitting at the front but I felt more for his family. His partner spoke so well about celebration and making the most of our lives moving forward, that I realised that the Crem is just a building which is a container of sorrows.
Outside that container are the places physically and mentally that we can find consolation and hope.
So what was going to be a real ‘facer’ turned out to be an experience that I feel has helped me with another step forward to making the best of my situation, as I promised my wife.

I’m so sorry to hear about the death of your friend. It’s understandable that you were dreading the funeral, and you showed a lot of strength in going along anyway to say goodbye to your friend.

I’m glad that it you didn’t find it as bad as you were expecting and felt that you have made another step forward.

Thanks -I believe sharing good & bad helps us all

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