Family events

Again today i went to a family event where my mum should of been there.

I felt it the whole time she should be there and felt like having an ok time is the best i will ever feel now, which i had started to get use to but these occasions just remind you of what you have lost and its not going to be the same again.
Felt like i wanted to hide but knew i had to brave it out.
Just wanted to write this on here as i know you guys will understand what i mean.


I totally get where your coming from @NicciC :heart: sending lots of love your way xx

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Totally with you, you think I can do this but then you wish just to go home and be safe. Sending you both hugs and blessings. S xxx


Yeah get that feeling totally x in the split second that you almost forget and enjoy yourself everything seems ‘normal’ then it hits you again who’s missing or someone will say something and it comes all flooding back :pensive: x

It’s just so unfair and like you would like to hide but all that would achieve for me is compounding the feeling of being alone so is the lesser of two evils I guess x

Hoping the rest of the family were supportive of how you felt and gave you the space you wanted/needed xx