Family support

My husband and i had spent 20 years caring for grandchildren, and looking after elderly parents. I cherished our alone time together, jealously guarding our plans. We were so looking forward to our retirement relaxing, chilling and cooking together and so many other plans. He was taken suddenly, unexpectedly from a cardiac arrest and my whole world changed in an instant. Now i am so glad i have those strong family ties, today it was my birthday- my first since my husband died. I spent the weekend away with my daughters and my son took me out for a lovely meal tonight. Tomorrow i am going out with my 23 year old and 19 year old grandsons and on Wednesday i will see my 6 under 10 year old grandchildren. I am truly blessed. Although it’s been hard without my lovely husband everyone has stepped in to give me a wonderful birthday. At times its been tough, working, caring for grandchildren, and looking after elderly parents but this weekend made me appreciate that it was all worth it and together Pete and i built a wonderful caring family. He would be so proud of how they have supported me.


@Freefaller that is lovely. You should be proud of the family you and your husband raised and nurtured. My grandchildren are all still young but I hope one day they will still want to take me for lunch! Like you, my husband and I have looked after and spent a huge amount of time with our grandchildren.


My gorgeous beautiful wife sues family are really supportive especially my daughter aderlaide and my stepson dave and family are keeping me going