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Hi all I am feeling very much down in the dumps lonely,on my own no family this morning,my wife passed away November 2018 aged 67 married 43 years I have many days when life is not worth living.
I noticed on many of your posts people write down in a notebook to their loved ones or keep photos of how they were, mine is a little different.In 2003 I started doing my wife’s family tree to learn how to use a computer going back in her family history to the year 1715,I did notdo much more for 15 years but when she passed away in November something made me want to start again even doing my own in the process,for some reason it seems to make me feel a little peace in trying to find other branches of her tree,ancestors buried in the same churchyard where her ancestors lived and died,names that her parents and her spoke about in hope of them helping her on the other side,I have found a lot of these branches going back to 1640s.
I have from this information been able to find out more about possessions she inherited from her parents photos from the dawn of photography silver cigarette and vesta case,with initials G.W.C her great grandfather born1840s silver ladies evening bag great grandmothers none of these things her or her parents knowing who they originally belonged to.
This has been my way of helping to keep Janes memory alive it does not help the hours alone,the sadness and the frustration of being without her but it would be nice to think her ancestors are helping her.
Not everybodies thing but with computer help these days anything possible Regards MM69


When my grandmother died, back in 1979, my cousin began a project on family history and it is still ongoing. Since that time she has written and published two books, one of which was devoted entirely to the history of my grandmother. The other book was to do with the lead mining industry in North Yorkshire and the continuing impact that had on the family. They both make fascinating reading and I’m grateful for her efforts.
Maybe you could use your research for the basis of a book. I like it to planting a tree, whereby future generations may benefit more than the present ones.

Hi there many thanks for your reply a book would be a good idea but these days the world wide web seems to be the thing,which I have done to keep our family history for future generations,I have used a site belonging to the Mormons called it is a free site for anyone to use no subscriptions family trees being transcribed by volunteers I started using it back in 2003 and again recently a very excellent site for new comers to family history moreover it helps to keep the memory of my dear Jane and her ancestors alive again many thanks for your idea and reply
. Regards MM69

Hello MM69. I’m so pleased you have found something positive to do. I am always drawn to positive posts. I’m one of those who keep a journal and I find it very helpful. I can understand how you find it helpful to know a little more about your wife’s ancestry. On a lesser scale, I came across 2 diaries written by my husband when he was a boy of 13 and 14 years old. I read them like novels. They gave me such an insight to the boy he was and the man he became. His childhood sounded so happy and carefree. It’s strange, but even though I didn’t know him back then, I found that I was recognising him. There were familiar names and events which I had known about. Like you, it gave me some peace.
Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Much love xx

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