I’m only his partner, not his next of kin, so legally I’m nothing. Suddenly his kids and step kids are taking over his funeral when they never came near their dad when he was alive. It’s making me feel even worse, if that’s possible. He was mine at the end of his life and he knew they didn’t want him. They will be able to live without him, their lives won’t change, but I am lost and broken hearted.

Suzanna hi you will find we are all in the same on here trying to cope and I am sorry you’re here. Being his partner is just as I portent I wasn’t married to Alan but we stayed to gether for over 37 years never though about it it was never important to us. No as just his partner as someone pointed out to me you have very little rights the family seme to think thay have some sort of final right to him all is I can say is he chose to be with you hang on to that love cj

I know, I wanted his remains near me so I can look after him forever, but they have different ideas and it’s killing me.

Suzanne I feel so sad for you not being able to have your partner’s ashes close to you. Had you thought of having a memory Photo Book. There is a company called ‘’ and they do all sorts of memorabilia. I ordered a photo book with 26 of size A4 glossy photos that I uploaded to them. It has just arrived and it is beautiful. A lovely lasting memory. Don’t let your loved one’s family ruin your love for him. He is still around you.