Father's Day

I am thinking of you all.

I am going to get through today by celebrating our sons, because this is their Father’s Day too. My husband had 48 Father’s Days in his life and I remember the very first one when our baby son gave him his first ever Father’s day card, he was so proud. So now it is our son’s turn and I hope and pray they have as many or more Father’s Days as Peter had.

God bless you all, and a Happy Father’s day to all dad’s that are no longer with us, we will always love you and never forget you.

Lots of love to you all.

Sheila xxxx

Thank you Sheila.

It was my first one without my darling Dad. We sat in his lovely shed and had a cuppa then put some gorgeous flowers on his grave.

Was relieved when it was over though. I got sick of hearing about it.

Dear Daffodil. What you did for your dad was lovely. This was your first Father’s Day without your dad and will have been the hardest, but there are many more of these days to come so all you can do is remember him with love.

I have had 50 of these Father’s days since my dad died when I was 25, just after I was married and he had given me away and I can remember every detail about him when I was a child, how he drew a clock face on cardboard and taught me to tell the time. How I cried in his arms when my first boyfriend dumped me, the memories are so clear and so will yours be, you will never forget anything because you loved him and he loved you.

Time will pass, you will miss him like crazy, but he will always be there in your heart and there will come a time, many years later, that you will smile when you think of him because of the love and happy memories he gave you.

Take care.


Sheila xx

Thank you for your kind words, Sheila. They are comforting. I sometimes get upset because I struggle to remember things from my childhood. I am fortunate to have three siblings though so I am sure they can fill in the gaps.

My Dad died not long after my wedding too. From proposal to wedding it was two weeks, we didn’t want to mess around as we wanted Dad to be there. It was a very special occasion, filled with love and humour and I will treasure it.


That must have been so hard for you, knowing your dad was so ill. At least we didn’t know what we were facing. It was hard for my sister as she got married the year after us and my new husband gave her away.

Your dad would have been so proud and grateful you gave him that special day and you will never forget it either, that is what you do when you love someone, you put them first. If you carry on doing that all throughout your married life, you will have the most wonderful life anyone can imagine, and if you are half as happy as Peter and I were for 50 years then you will be blessed.


Sheila xxx

Hi Sheila,

I’ve not been on here for a while so I’m sorry I missed your reply. I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful words to me. They mean a lot.

It sounds like you had a wonderful marriage with Peter.

I hope you’re keeping well xxx

Hi Daffodil,

I do hope you are enjoying married life, albeit it will be touched with sadness, but at least your dad saw you married, what a great gift you gave him.

It will be hard, especially when your children come along, but it is something that we can’t do a thing about, my dad never saw his grandchildren, my husband’s parents never saw us married as they had died a few years earlier.

We tend to think we are the only ones suffering, but we are not, so all we can do is live the happiest life we can in memory of our loved ones.

All the best for your future happiness,


Sheila xx