Fathers Day

Hi all,

Just wanted to reach out to anyone struggling today with Fathers Day.

I didn’t think specific days would be tougher than the rest but they certainly can be. It would be my dad’s birthday tomorrow so a double whammy.

I am planning to allow myself to wallow today and hide from the world. I am usually more positive but think a duvet day every so often is fine.

How is everyone else planning on spending the day if you have lost your dad?

Ann xx

I know how you feel. My dad died last month a week before his birthday and I’ve been dreading today. Had to put a brave face on with being a father myself but could’ve done with shutting myself away.

First Christmas will be the next tough one

Hi Glenn

Well done putting on a brave face. I do feel guilty that I haven’t put much effort into my husband’s fathers day…in fact the last minute DVD order I placed on Amazon didn’t even turn up on time but it all just got too much.

My mum died a year ago and that anniversary was recently, just a year after my dad so all in all, I think I deserve the odd day when my brave face is covered in mascara instead.

It is all very raw for you I am sure. So close to your dad’s birthday too. I have a son and he gets me through it all really so I hope knowing that your family love you has helped.

I am afraid many people here find Christmas particularly difficult. There is so much pressure on it. Last year the only way I got through was by having a holiday booked for new year.

Keep on keeping on. That’s what it is all about.

Ann x

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