I wish I could stop reminiscing about how different my life would be if my partner was still here.
I can’t seem to accept he’s gone.
Does anyone know how I can learn to accept my loss and the huge change in my life now.
I’m full of fear and anxiety all the time.
I just can’t move on…feel frozen with fear.
Has anyone ever overcome this?


After 8 weeks I feel as though I am living in an alternate reality. I do hope that things do change. The world around me is the same and mine is totally upside down


@Pudding, after nearly seven months I often feel I am on another planet, too. I feel so different, without the confidence and focus I used to have. I really do not recognise myself when I panic over stupid little things. I hope I soon feel better about my life, though it seems a long way off right now.


There’s no rule book to follow on this and no timeline in any of it.
As you slowly maneuver through life the acceptance may come, it may not.

There are some days I still don’t accept it and hope he walks in the door. You are moving on and if you look back to those first days you are in a different place now to then. None of this is easy and there isn’t a magic button that makes our feelings stop or makes it all go away.
Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and focus on getting through one day.