Does anyone believe in feathers off a loved one I never have but we lost my Mam in Oct last yr to cancer when she died which was at home in a hospital bed me and my sister tried to take the bed down so my dad didn’t have to keep looking at it and there was a big feather on the floor they had only brought the bed the day before and the full room was hoovered this morning my dad just told me as he opened the living room door there was a feather on the carpet only a small one but he’s wondering if it’s off my Mam for Valentine’s Day but when she was poorly last yr there was always about 7 white feathers on the fence in her garden a few on the gate in the front and one on my dads wheel which we was there and back to castle hill and it never went since she’s died all these have gone xx


I must admit they have fallen at significant moments x


Wow. Ur story is very much like mine. My mummy always said, find a white feather, pick it up… But with mummy and I, it was always 5 ps. Mummy saved them, a week or so after she died, and thought I couldn’t fill her boots, I found 5 ps. Everywhere. My son even came home from school and said he found 3, just lying in a row… They have their wee ways of letting you know that they are there. Xx


Was the feather white. If it was, it was from your mum. Different coloured feathers have different meanings.


Yeah when she died the one under the bed was a really big white one all the ones before hand was small white the one my dad found on Valentine’s Day morning it was small white but then went grey or brown near the bottom xx

Always white x

Do u know the diff meanings xx

Have a read of this https://www.beliefnet.com/inspiration/angels/angel-feather-colours-and-their-meanings.aspx


This is very interesting thank you x

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Glad that you found it interesting. Anything to do with spiritualism interests me. A few weeks before my mum died, I knew my grandma was with me. I must admit that since the age of 7, I have seen spirits even in the human form. Driving home one night the road was covered with purple flowers, it was just a stretch of road. I told my husband about this and told him someone was going to get killed. A day or two later a young lad got knocked down and died.

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I do believe in feathers when my brother passed away 4 years ago, there were a number of feathers appeared, there were other signs too. Six months after John died, my lifelong friend of 72 years passed away, yet more feathers appeared, last August (2019) my beloved husband passed away, I found him on our bedroom floor. More feathers appeared, together with other signs from him. I have also sensed my husband being close to me, the smell of his after shave, a warm comforting hand on my shoulder whilst I am in bed. Our son visited a medium who did not know him at all, his dad came through and thanked all of us for giving him such a beautiful funeral, he loved the music chosen. He described all that had taken place, and said that the prayer that our friend and a neighbour had said over him had helped his transition. Even our son did not know that, you will have gathered that I do believe in the afterlfe, our daughter has had signs too. I find it very comforting, Stan and I had been married for 59 years,:heart_decoration::broken_heart:


That’s really good my Mam passed last Oct and I had a reading about 3 weeks ago he said about a lock of hair which I had put on my fireplace that she said she looked like she was asleep that I don’t know it yet but it will hit me but I will be ok it still doesn’t feel real to me it’s so weird when though I saw her get weaker and thinner every day he mentioned all sorts of things it was really good iv never been to one before but my Mam and dad had their 53rd anniversary 2 days before she died but I told my dad about the medium and he said he felt relaxed straight away knowing she’s ok xxx I never believed in the feathers but since iv seen them before my Mam died and now my dads had 3 I really do xxx

Hello again, Susanuk,
I am sorry that I haven’t responded sooner, I missed your reply. It is a wonderful gift which we have been given, signs from our loved ones that all is well with them. I have had further signs that he is with me, earlier this week I could have sworn that our pet springer spaniel, had brushed my leg, yet when I called her she was snoring her little head off in another room. I had a warm fuzzy feeling, then I realised it was my beloved husband, checking to see if I was alright.
The strange thing is, when I am really upset, he never shows any signs that he is still with me. I know that if I did get upset over daft things, Stan used to be upset too.

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