Feel knackered all day but can’t sleep at night … any tips?

Why is it that all I want to do is sleep all day and that my legs feel like lead , yet here I am @4 am wide awake and ready to ‘run a marathon’?

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Good morning @Babs9 . Im awake as well, but not up for a marathon. Being awake at this hour seems to be very common.

Ive often found myself getting up for a drink (no caffein) and a sandwich and go back to bed which often works.

I also recently read that Just changing rooms can help, and it does.

So Im off for a drink and a sarni, and try the settee with two dogs snuggling up.


@Babs9 my time was 3am, every bloody morning and I couldn’t get back to sleep, it drive me nuts. It did eventually stop. I keep a diary and get everything down out of my head, that used to help.

There is also a thing called grief fatigue which will keep you exhausted when you’re awake too.

I now sleep half 9 till half 5/6am but still feel shattered during the day. I’ve been assured it will go in time. Our bodies are having to cope with a lot, it will be affected by our loss.


At the beginning a simple paracetamol was helping me a lot. It was actually acting like a sleeping pill. Grief is exhausting, really tiring. Sending hugs and lights to you. Try mediation if you can. Insighttimer app is amazing and it’s free. You can find many people saying things that may help soothing your pain. Listen to Sarah Blondin.

I’m a slave to meditation to help me get settled. The Honest Guys on youtube are very good at sending me off to sleep, they are worth a try, it took about 2 weeks to fully settle into it, so that when I hear their voice, I’m now out like a light.
Hope you get a peaceful nights sleep very soon

Hi @Kjat . Ive just had a brief listen to Honest Guys Radio. Ive had to stop, because my eyes kept closing and I want to watch the cricket. I’ll certainly try it at bedtime. Thankyou.

Im also doing hypnotherapy to resolve my ptsd-generated nightmares. We shall see if they conflict, but well worth a go.

How is the hypnotherapy going?
Have you tried Reiki?

Hypnotherapy has been brilliant! I did 10 hourly sessions over zoom with a brilliant therapist and now I do it to myself when I feel the need. In fact Ive just completed a self hypnosis session.

Good morning @Kjat . I listened to Honest Guys last night, not sure how well it worked because I went to sleep less than 5 minutes after starting. I hope it wasnt a fluke, but I’ll find out.