feel let down by the mental haeth team

i recently been in a low place i try to reach out to single point of access. i had to wait three day to hear from someone apparently they try to call me three time but i haven’t seen any miss call form them. i was open to the mental health team but they couldnt support me so close my case. i have be told they were going to do assement on me to see if i have bipolar as i have weeks of good day and then weeks of dark days. there is a positive this platform is really helping me. take care all and thanks you for reading

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Dear @Lizzie93

I am sorry to hear you have been in a low place recently. I do hope today has been a better day for you.

It could have been that Single Point of Access misdialed your number. I hope this is all now sorted for you.

I am pleased this platform is helping you. Take care.


I find social care helpfull