Feel like I can’t breathe

I’ve woke up this morning feeling I can’t breathe at the thought of being without my partner.
Has anyone experienced this and how did you get through it?
I wish I wasn’t alive some days…it’s just so unbearable…


I must admit this type of thing now seems to come in waves as the time goes on. Sometimes I wake up and wonder what on earth is the point, others, like you, it’s almost like I can’t breathe and then there is still the endless sorrow. I’ve been having a bad week even though it’s over 7 months since I lost Keef, but some days are still just so overwhelming and then we are unable to find that one person we need/want to talk to to help. Take care, I know I’m not very positive but I thought that it might help if you knew that you weren’t alone. xx

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Yes I do experience this some mornings and it is the most horrendous feeling. I try alternative things and I find slow breathing is one of the best exercises to do. Paul Shepherd of ‘Mindset’ does them on his short videos which are free and very gently talks you through the process. Really helpful if you find yourself in a stressfull situation at any time. Also trying Acupuncture at the moment but not loving it… Only had 2 sessions so maybe it takes a while. Wonder if anyone else has tried this alternative practice?
One of the best things I have done recently is to join a Rock Choir and I find the singing releases something inside me and I forget every thing else for a while.
Thinking of you and everyone on the site.
Love Jenny

I’ve looked at joining a rock choir but it needs to be online. It says that is possible but can’t find times so far. Singing is supposed to be good for a lot of things.

Hi pudding,
Not sure if it’s of any help but the choir I have joine is called ‘Gotta Sing’ they have an amzing website and you maybe could message them and find out some information. Singing apparently releases alot of negative emotions which sadly people on this lovely site gererally suffer from. ''Gotta Sing are country wide so the best of luck,

I have experienced this and was told that it is a panic attack although I never felt like I was actively panicking. I was given breathing exercises and the wim hof method did help a little but I just sit quietly and keep telling myself it will pass although sometimes it can take a couple of hours until I feel better. Take care and look after yourself. I will see if I can find a link for the breathing exercises. Xx

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Yeh its a type of panic attack isnt it ? Me and @Hazel.1966 were saying today it doesnt necessarily get easier with time does it ? Sometimes its worse as you realise the entirity of what you have lost … just try stay calm and deep breath or go for a walk in the fresh air xxx

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A friend of mine who is a GP also told me not to fight it when it comes as it can make it worse. Just try and be away from people and let it happen. Not much help when you are going through it. It is really frightening. Knowing what it is does help though. The first time it happened to me I thought I was having a stroke.