Feel like I’m going backwards

Lost my husband almost four weeks ago. I’m usually fairly stable during the day and have meltdown in the evenings. Today I woke up and felt horrendous straight away. It’s been a lovely cold sunny day today and I usually love days like this but I’ve been so miserable. I feel like I’m going backwards and not getting any better. I’ve cried endlessly today and can’t see any point to life without him. The grief is relentless, exhausting and too hard.


My husband was on the 9th of November im so lost without him. He was the heart of our wee family he was only 57 and im 46. It was so sudden it feels like it’s only now sinking in thats he’s not coming home. I hope you have good family and friends to support you :heart:

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Hi @Nikki76. Yes my three grown up children and sister and grandchildren have been fantastic. He was a massive daily part of all our lives. He died very suddenly on the 10th November. We’d been married 37 years. I’m having a very bad day today. I’m so sorry for your loss too. It’s horrific isn’t it? Big cuddle to you x.


Please don’t be hard on yourself - four weeks is no time at all.
If all you manage to do is put one foot in front of the other then you are doing ok.


Dear Jean8,
I’m new here and my husband passed away unexpectedly in August 2022. I could never imagined the raw pain and sorrow I still feel. I have felt I’m going backwards at times too. It resonated when you said it’s exhausting grieving.
Would give anything just to hold John’s hand again even for a moment. Life is so cruel. Hope I can move forward but miss him beyond measure.
Love and kind thoughts to all here that clearly feel the same xx