Feel like I'm trapped in a clear sealed box

Hi. I don’t know if this is normal but I’m just over 6 weeks since my beautiful girl was stolen from me suddenly aged only 53. I feel like I’m in a clear box screaming my head off but no one can hear or see me on the outside. I have been put on medication due to the tragic circumstances.
Just wondered if this was normal.
The pain has not gone and I don’t want it to really.
I miss my girl and after being married for nearly 23 years it is pulling me apart.

High there. Anxiety, which is what so often follows bereavement, can be upsetting. As a retired counsellor I have heard them all. Claustrophobia is a classic symptom, and the feeling of being locked in somewhere and not being able to feel space around you is common. Your mind is tired. All our minds are in grief. It opens the way for negative thinking and sinking into that debilitating emotion despair. It will pass with time.
Six weeks is far too early to expect much relief. This awful process has to be gone through as painful as it is until we can maybe readjust to our circumstances. Also, and so many have this problem, anxiety can mimic any known disease if it’s in your mind. So many suffer from health anxiety. Sufferers imagine they have every diseases going. That’s why consulting Dr. Google is a big mistake. Seeing you GP for reassurance is a good idea, and if you feel the medication is causing the problem go back again.
Try and take it one day a a time. It’s an old saying but a true one. Looking ahead too far can be heartbreaking. John.

Jaye I know exactly what you mean - describes my situation, I lost my June 4 weeks ago and the funeral is this week. It just cannot be real and I’m dreading going to it. I don’t want to get over it. It’s too big an event and i’m totally lost without her, Dave

The pain is undescribable and never ending. I’m now having councelling which I think helps. I keep finding those not gone loss don’t fully understand the pain and that there is no quick fix. As you say take a day at a time.

Anxiety is a very real frightening thing following a bereavement. I started having panic attacks when I lost my dad 5 years ago. I had counselling and developed coping strategies over time without meds. Since I lost Frankie I feel like my head is going to explode at times. Getting out in nature always helps me. I always feel better after a good walk💙