Feel so alone

I lost my Mum, my world,my best friend 6 days ago. Usually I am a very strong person but now I feel at such a loss. I feel alone even though I’m surrounded by amazing people, don’t really wanna talk to anyone because the one person I would always turn to was my Mum. I hate how life just has to carry on?! :confused: I feel sad about what she will miss and honestly see no more happiness in my life. Is this normal? I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life! Thanks for reading.

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I lost my mum nearly 7 weeks ago. Any feeling is normal with grief. We all have different feelings and ways of dealing with it. My mum was the one person I used to talk to about things. She’d reassure and comfort me. And I feel completely lost without her. This is still very raw for us both and feelings can get overwhelming at times.

We are all here for each other whenever. Keep talking. We’ll be here to listen.

Nic xx

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Thankyou for your reply, it means alot. Sorry for your loss. Xx