Feel so alone

I lost my Dad in March. My mum passed when I was 13 so my dad has been my rock. I feel like the while world is just carrying on and I just want it to stop! I feel like if I mention dad people think I’m moaning or dwelling so I paint a smile and crack on. Inside I’m dying I’m so incredibly sad.
I just want the pain in my heart to stop.

Im sorry you feel this way bit your not alone my grandad died in may last year and my mum in april this year. I too feel everyone is just carrying on and thst if i mention them people roll there eyes. Its important you have ur cry when you feel that build up of emotion and sadness i really find that helps me to cope also i beleive there with me every day i talk to them as it helps me not feel alone and im keeping them alive with me. There isnt a wrong or right amswer i just take it a day at a time xxxxx

I too lost my dad this year 1st of April of all dates. I feel exactly how you have described. The pain and this feeling of incredible sadness is overwhelming . My mum isn’t coping so I have to be strong and support her as she has lost nearly everything as she cant afford to live in the house now ,so having to move. I just want him back and everything to go back to the way it was. I felt so safe when he was alive. When I listen to other people’s problems they seem so trivial, I all most want to tell them so but as you say just keep it inside. My husband lost his mum 10 years ago and he said the pain does fade and so does the anger. Thank you for sharing x

Life shouldn’t be like this,coming up to a year since i lost everything,my best friend whom was my Mum. Nothing feels the same anymore,i carry on for my son,but petrified of the future without my Mum. So sorry for your loss xxx

Hi it’s coming up to 2 years since my dad passed away I’m not copping at all I can’t remember what it like to be happy the night it happened I told him to sleep it was OK now I have to live with that everyday I’m so angry all the time I’ve lost who I am if I talk about him I notice people roll their eyes as if to say that again I make out like I’m copping to the world out side but I’m dieing inside I feel so alone x

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