Feel so hopeless and lost

I lost my partner 5 months ago when we were on holiday due to a accident. We had lived together for 31 years and were soul mates. He was unique, free spirited like myself. We regularly went on walking holidays to many places. We were very alike in our humour and conversations and close in our daily living. I cannot believe that he has gone. He had given me a birthday present the night before. The following day he asked me to get bread rolls to make a packed lunch for our walk. Informed me he was going to look at a crag opposite our cottage. He took his climbing equipment and when I returned the police informed me he had fallen at the top with multiple injuries. I feel so confused and sad. Although I walk everyday I can’t bare the hurt it is causing me. We planned for our retirement and had a glamping tent to go camping on a regular basis. Life is so fragile and meaningless now.


Diane. Such a tragic post but also how wonderful that you can share how close you was to your soulmate. I read the price regarding your birthday present because my soulmate bought me a ring and wanted to give it to there and then but it was for my birthday, he didn’t know there was anything wrong at the time, it’s always struck me as odd.
As you say life is fragile but we keep going. Grief makes us stronger, more resilient and we should be proud of any little thing we do to keep going. We all send our love and blessings. Thank you for sharing and I hope you keep reading posts and writing posts. S xxx

Thank you Susie for your kind words. I consider myself as a strong person but the grief over my partner has battered me. I hope one day I see some light and I return to the free spirit I use to be.

I am so sorry for your loss take care annie x

I don’t know how you get on with living when you’ve lost your best friend/soulmate/husband, I too lost my hubby unexpectedly on the 5th September and I just don’t know how to do life without him. He had just retired early, never got to spend any of his retirement fund and I’m just so sad that our plans will never be.

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My heart goes out to you…I lost my life soulmate in May this year and I’m lost overwhelmed lonely and completely sad…I have no idea how to even start picking up pieces…I’ve thought about returning back to work but can’t bear the thought of meeting people…discussing everyday things plus when they ask personal questions how do I reply I can’t begin to think what to say

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Oh what a sad story,Diane ,so very sorry what happened to your man.The pain is awful of losing your partner,my wife passed away 6 weeks ago today from stage 4 bladder cancer,I watched her in pain for 7 weeks in hospital and then she passed away in the hospice 4 days later.We are all with you today after hearing your sad story.You are so right ,life is so fragile and meaningless .Michael.

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Thanks to all of your posts we are all going through tough times. Its only when you experience it that you know what life is like. It cuts you in 2 and trying the new normal is horrible. It is so unlike your previous life with soul mate. Xxx


Exactly right,this new life we all have is horrendous,not what I want or need.Judith and I were meant for each other,I was not meant to be alone now,miss her so much .Empty,lonely house now not a home anymore.Michael.