Feel so ill

Its 3 weeks since losing my husband we had the funeral monday i have lost 10 pound in weight no appetite constantly feel sick is there anything the gp could give me to help or is it just something im going have to deal with my stomach is constantly in knots and feel so sick :frowning:

I did get a tablet from the GP to help me eat. Might be worth talking to them before it becomes a bigger problem.
Hope you feel better soon

They are calling me at 4pm today what tablet please so i can mention it x

@Cadge I think this is common and hopefully it will pass. Grief takes a huge physical toll on our bodies. I struggled to eat for the first couple of months after my husband passed and lost 2 stone. Now my appetite has returned, although I’m not eating a balanced diet (too much rubbish). I think some anti depressants can help with appetite if that’s something you feel you need.

Im already on anxiety tablets have been for years:( just need to eat icant function

Can’t remember name, haven’t got them now.only needed for a week.

Hi, I lost my boyfriend 4 weeks ago and have lost 8lb in that time. At first I couldn’t eat, I felt sick and was actually sick a few times, then my 14 and 15 year old kids came to stay with me (they spend a week with me and a week with their Dad) so I had to eat with them. I found it so hard as my stomach, throat and mouth had almost closed off and I really didn’t want to eat. The first time I threw up, the next I ate less and spent an hour trying not to be sick. Gradually in front of them I was able to eat a very little bit, I still felt sick for an hour after but at least I was getting food down.
Now they are back at their Dads I’m struggling to eat again, I am starving but can’t eat. I have found grapes and a square of chocolate ok to manage and sometimes I manage half a sandwich but I still feel sick for an hour after.
I think to make sure I eat I have to do it in front of people but then the feeling sick is not pleasant :flushed:
Try small amounts of different food. Anything heavy doesn’t sit well so grapes have helped me, though prob need to be careful having too many.
Please let me know if the doctor suggests anything.


My stomach has not been right since my husband died in 6th June. Have been told this is part of grieving. Unlike most of you all that is happening is I am putting on weight. Could be because the doctor took me off diuretics so now retaining fluid. My husband was the cook. Not ever really hungry but eating as I feel I should. Living off ready meals. Just started checking the calories on thing and making sure I eat fruit at least. Weight gain has at least slowed down and yet I am doing far more than I ever used to as my husband was my carer.


I’ve gained weight but I’m eating crap. Food was a joint thing for us and loved cooking for each other. Having two adults at home, we eat pre made or take away, plus chocolate and occasionally wine, gin. We ate so healthily before he died and it didn’t do him any good so I’ve kind of rebelled. If I lived alone I dread to think, I would probably have lost loads of weight x

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Can’t be tempted by takeaway as I don’t drive and the only place that delivers is domino’s. Drink not an issue. Have the occasional glass of wine in the evening. Don’t buy sweets. I have ready meals for 1 which I thought shouldn’t be too bad. Wrong. I am now checking calories on them and making sure I have at least a piece of fruit a day. I have an online delivery every 2 weeks it seems and then treat myself to a cake. I also try and make sure I have salad on the day if the delivery. Now I am trying to do some seated exercise every day to try and combat my arthritis. It seems like a losing battle. You feel why bother.


How did you get on? Was it useful?

So she wont give me any medication i need to eat small amounts every 2 hours and drink ginger tea for the sickness and she suggested having some one to one counciling when im ready so i have started the ginger tea fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


Doctors are a lot less willing to just hand out pills than they used to be which is probably a good thing. Hope the ginger tea works. Xx


@Pudding thankyou its not the best taste but i will try anything i think now the funeral done its like its all real now :frowning:

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Yes, the funeral certainly puts a finality on it. I struggled for a while after the funeral too.


Its just so sad :disappointed: how far in are youand do you still feel sick on a daily basis ? X

My husbands funeral was 27th June. His ashes haven’t been interred yet. They are going to buried in a woodland walk but despite all the rain the ground is too hard. It is still so hard to get through each day.

This is awful isnt it i suffered when my dad died but this is another level of grief :broken_heart:

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Ginger tea shes reccomended so im currently drinking it now sorry for your loss x

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No just the beginning. I’m 6 months in and have good days now and some bad. I struggle most when a problem comes up as not having anyone to share it with is hard. I’m also on summer break from school so that I’m finding hard but filling my days up meeting friends and going away.
It is early days for you, and I’ve only just started to feel I can get on with life.

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